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 What our guests wrote about us …
While The Satvik Resort’s  (colloq Satvik Sadan)  ownership and management has remained the same, The Satvik Resort has been offering various plans since its inception in 2004′. Thus the appreciation shown below reflects the sentiments of the guests availing the plan prevalent at that time and not necessarily those currently on offer. However their views do show that irrespective of the plan on offer, the high satisfaction of our guests by their stay with us.

Dr. Sandeep Erveen Manoth & Niharika Katija June 2017 from Delhi
Great resort in midst of nature, a perfect escape from busy life .
Location is great with super host and staff who will take care of every need.
Food was awesome in fact one of the finest in region . I ordered special kumaoni food and it was exceptionally good. Food is prepared then & there which is fresh and delicious.
Location is also great near to bhimtal lake which is a major attraction.
Special mention about host and staff , very polite and take care of every single thing.
Highly recommended.
Dr. Sandeep Erveen & Niharika Katija
Sachin Dharne June 2017 NCR Delhi
Very pleasant ambience.
Excellent hospitality.
Cordial staff.
Highly recommended
Sachin Dharne
Sharad Luthra June 2017 from Delhi
As the name suggests “SATVIK” in every sense of it.
We experienced the simplicity and the sereneness of the place.
Actually and exactly what we needed to unwind from our busy schedule. The staff was very humble and always there with a smile on their faces irrespective of the timing.
Thank you to team SATVIK. Keep it up. Shall visit again.
Sharad Luthra
Anil and Anushua June 2017′ From Delhi
Loved the stay here!
Totally Exotic location,
great arrangements of rooms and delicious food.
Don’t feel like going from here but have to.
Beautiful view from room.
Good work! Keep it up!
Anil and Anushua
Sandeep Mukherjee, with family & parents June 2017′ from Noida.
Very nice rooms.
The staff is very courteous and warm,
the food is amazing,
the view is breath taking and the ambiance is unforgettable.
Foods are always fresh and good in taste, as pure vegetarian food is prepared, that too only by order.
Good place to bond with your family.
Sandeep Mukherjee
Ashish Pathak with family and parents June 2017′ from Agra
It was all over nice to stay here as so nice and pleasant feeling. Good service provided by your staff.
Ashish Pathak
Laxmi Ramachandran & family  Mumbai. June 2017′
A quiet serene place at an idyllic location. Excellent service by staff. The place has a calming vibe and we look forward to visiting here once again!
God bless you!
Thank you for providing an environment that nourishes our soul.
Laxmi Ramachandran
Dr. Meenakshi Dahiya  Faridabad.     14th to 17th June
Location of resort is good. Staff is very cordial and takes very good care of guests. Cleanliness is impressive.
Dr. Meenakshi Dahiya
Rajesh Saxena, Dilshad Garden,  Delhi. 16th to 17th June.
Rooms and ambience is very good. View from the room is good.
We are really impressed by The Satvik Resort as it is very much connected to nature and no doubt good services as well. We will try to visit again for sure for a longer period.
Rajesh Saxena
Kumar Akshath Shrotriya, Noida.
had booked a full terrace of 4 rooms for family stay from 10th to 12th June
Great place to stay!!!  Fresh preparation and vegetarian cuisine add to the total experience.
Thanks a ton for the nice experience.
Kumar Akshath Shrotriya
Harish Singh Kshatriya, Bilaspur Chattisgarh from 8th to 11 June 2017’
Service was good. Happy with all the services provided by the resort. Thanks a lot.
Harish Singh Kshatriya
Prasoon Kumar, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi.
Stayed at Celebraing Love Spa Suite from 9th to 11th June.
Nice ambience. Proper privacy. Good food.
Prasoon Kumar
Achyut Bhardwaj, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi
8th to 11th June.
We had a wonderful stay in The Satvik Resort. A very different experience. Please keep up the good work and high standards. Special thanks to all your staff.
Achyut Bhardwaj
Shubham Verma, Gurgaon. 2 days
Nice, sweet, peaceful and pleasant stay.
– Nature lovers.
Shubham Verma
Sumit Bisht, Andrews Ganj, New Delhi. 1st to 3rd June.
The overall experience was good. Food quality was like home cooked. Atmosphere and room decoration is unique and feels spiritual.
Sumit Bisht
Shankar Lal Somani, Jhotwara, Jaipur. 2days.
All the helpers, workers were excellent. Rooms were really clean and the view from the room was amazing. The resort was peaceful and embracing the beauty of nature. Thank you.
Shankar Lal Somani
Deepak Kumar, Greater Noida, 19th to 21st May.
Very happy to stay in this resort. Very nice place to stay and thankful to management for good food like home. I suggest to all to must stay here with family. Thanks again.
Deepak Kumar,
Runjhun Nupur wrote the following on Tripadvisor
18th 20th May 2017′
The Satvik Resort is not just a place to stay, it is an unforgettable experience. With super courteous and attentive staff, great vegetarian food, well maintained, clean, artistically decorated rooms, breathtaking view, a calming, mystical vibe, and extremely affordable prices, Satvik Resort is a must stay place for anyone visiting Bhimtal!
Runjhun Nupur
Amit Mishra / Runjhun Nupur Indira Nagar Lucknow
18th to 20th May 2017'
The Satvik Resort is a spiritual and artistic delight. We absolutely enjoyed our stay to the hilt. The staff is very courteous and warm, the food is amazing, the view is breath taking and the ambience is rare and unforgettable.
We will definitely visit again !
Thank you team Satvik for this memorable experience.

Dr. Ajay Singh Thakur - Lt. Col, Orthopedic Surgeon, Indian Army with Dr. Deepti Hada  and family from Lucknow UP India
2nd to 5th May 2017'
"Excellent service and hospitality. Enjoyed our stay every moment."

Rishi Kumar   Noida
June 2015
  1. Very nice stay. Beautiful panoramic view of Bhimtal from the balcony.
  2. Well maintained and clean.
  3. Feel home environment created by resort staff.
  4. Excellent food. Nice homely touch.
  5. Prompt service. Special thanks to the manager and his team.
  6. Spacious bathrooms.
  7. Overall a very pleasant stay& I highly recommend the exclusive villa floor suite.
Rishi Kumar
Sanad Kanaujia  Lucknow
June 2015
Excellent & pleasant stay.
Keep it up
Sanad Kanaujia
Praney Dawar New Delhi
June 2015
I love the property, view and people working therein, entire staff.
Place is full of peace & positivity.
I love the theme based décor, gives you a different peace. I have no doubt in recommending to my friends & family. Keep up the good job.
Praney Dawar
Garima Goel New Delhi
June 2015
The ambience and accommodation were very good, neat and clean.
Situated amidst mountains and greenery, The Satvik Resort is a perfect place for family stay.
The stay was enjoyable. The staff was well behaved and very cooperative. In all everything was nice.
Garima Goel
Dr.Krishna Swaroop  from Kanpur  June 2015
I take back a lifetime of memories from my stay at The Satvik Resort.
Very good view from the room. Hospitality is excellent. This resort is also excellent from the point of hygiene and cleanliness. Very clean toilets also. The quality of food made us feel very much at home. Very good service as well.
I shall give 10 out 10 marks to this resort.
Dr.Krishna Swaroop. Sr.Consultant (Joint Director) KPM Hospital Kanpur India
Dr. Krishna Swaroop Kanpur
Dr. Manvendra Singh, 12 th 15 th June 2015
द सात्विक रिसोर्ट अपने नाम को पूर्ण रूप से चरितार्थ कर रहा है। भारतीय संस्कृति एवं सभ्यता का ज्वलंत स्वरुप है। रिसोर्ट के प्रदूषण मुक्त वातावरण को विकसित करने पर विशेष ध्यान दिया गया है। कमरों के बरामदे में पेड़ पौधों के माध्यम से जो पार्टीशन किया है , वह अपने आप में अनूठा परिदृश्य है।
रिसोर्ट का रेस्टोरेंट भारतीय सभ्यता एवं संस्कृति का ज्वलंत उदाहरण है। भोजन अत्यंत सात्विक है।
रिसोर्ट के कर्मचारी पूरी लग्न एवं निष्ठा साथ अतिथियों के स्वागत में रात दिन तत्पर रहते हैं।
घर से दूर रह कर भी घर का वातावरण यहां की प्रमाण विशेषता है।
रिसोर्ट के और अधिक विकसित होने की कामना करता हूँ।
डॉक्टर मानवेन्द्र सिंह – प्राचार्य डी एव एन पी डी कॉलेज
उन्नाव उत्तर प्रदेश
Dr. Manvendra Singh Unnao (UP)
Vineet Mehta 13th to 15th June 2015
The Satvik Resort is at a very good location.
The place to sit outside the room is very good as well.
Appreciate the cordial  service and smiling faces.
It was a good stay and would recommend to others.
Thanks a lot for a lovely stay.
Vineet Mehta - New Delhi
Sangeet Kularni 1st to 4th June
Nice ambience. Very hygienic.
Excellent food,  Very affectionate staff. Excellent service.
Unforgettable experience – would like to visit again
Sangeet Kulkarni Mumbai
Deepak N Naidu 1st to 4th June 2015
The Satvik Resort embodies the rich culture and heritage of India.
Deepak N Naidu Vaashi Mumbai
Dinesh Pawar  from Navi Mumbai stayed 6th to 9th June 2015
The Satvik Resort is a very good place to stay  in the surrounding of nature with a feel of traditional culture.
Staff here is excellent and makes one feel at home.
Food quality is excellent.
Dinesh Pawar - Navi Mumbai

Deborah Baker – Austin Texas USA  Frequent guest – My most recent stay at The Satvik Resort was every bit as relaxing and enchanting as I had hoped. I am a repeat customer for a reason. I find the accommodations to be quite pleasing and welcoming. I especially enjoy the indoor – outdoor living feel that you get with the expansive windows. And each room has more than generous terrace space that provides expansive and beautiful views of the foothills of the Himalayas. The morning sunrise is inspiring and the night skies can be breathtaking.
The terraces of The Satvik Resort have one of the best seats on the planet for watching the heavens. The way the resort is designed – it feels like you are living outdoors among the mountains in day and stars at night.
I found the peacefulness and privacy perfect for relaxation and contemplation.
Also notable is the food and  the overall accommodating atmosphere. The owner Pulak Shukla and his wife, Samrita were very welcoming and handled things like arranging for taxi from Delhi, and special dietary requests with generosity and grace.  They are also quite knowledgable regarding the surrounding area and are more than willing to provide information to help their guests.
I am especially impressed with the food served at the Satvik resort, as it is very tasty and healthy. The variety is quite nice and I am particularly impressed with the freshness. I always feel healthier leaving than arriving.
I have to mention the staff and how appreciative I am of their friendly and accommodating nature. I found then attentive and willing to please.
I would not hesitate to stay here again, should the opportunity arise and heartily recommend to anyone looking for a delightful experience.
Many thanks and hope to see you all again soon.
Deborah Baker - Texas USA
Vandana Agarwal – Lucknow        April 2015
At the onset this trip was to me just a family time get together where we would get to spend some quality time.But as i stepped out of the car, the serenity, the purity& the calm that pervaded the air around gradually began to settle upon me.i felt like i had left all my worries behind.the resort is an ideal location to instil in one a freshness of spirit & attitude towards ones life
Set in idyllic surroundings, offering you the comforts of home away from home .this resort is the perfect getaway for a couple  or a family . I found The staff here to be really polite, ever willing to serve. They truly contributed a  lot in making our stay here really comfortable. In a nutshell, i can only say that i will visit this resort again & again just to rejuvenate& up my spirits.
Sent from my iPhone
Vandana Agarwal
Vinayak Gupta from New Delhi  October 2014
‘” The Satvik Resort is very good and gave peace and calm.
The service is extraordinary & very well managed. Since the time of booking, proper and adequate attention was given and we appreciate the upgrade & superb service offered. The sit out in the suite is exceptional.
Over all it was a pleasant staying at The Satvik Resort and we look forward to coming back in future.
Thanks and keep it up.”
Vinayak Gupta.
Rajiv Swami – IT Customer Care Philips India with Seema Swami – Vice Principal at Delhi Public School – Pune
Stayed at Satvik Sadan, resort in Bhimtal, Nainital. May 27th to 30th 2014.
The stay at Satvik Sadan was exemplary. We enjoyed each moment of our stay here. The room décor, the hygiene and especially the ‘aangan’ (balcony) in front of rooms, are really good.
Food at Manipur (the restaurant at Satvik Sadan) is awesome. You can really feel the love and affection with which it has been prepared.
The housekeeping staff and all other staff are very generous, humble and caring.
The shiv-ling (in an area of the resort) is mesmerizing & so is the picturesque beauty of hills from the terrace.
Thanks for the wonderful say & memories
Seema & Rajiv Swami
Adela Barcia Santa Barbara California USA April 2013
My experience at Satvik Sadan was extremely special. I found the accomodation and the food to be very comfortable and felt very supportive to my health and well being.
Our hosts were both gracious and helpful to any needs that came up. They presented an opportunity alos to learn about their heritage, culture and deep spiritual understanding. I feel most grateful for all they offered.
With love and light
Adela Barcia
Adela Barcia
Margarita Vergara international transpersonal art therapist,  yoga teacher and writer stayed with her partner Michael Schmidt, mechanical engineer from Germany, for 6 weeks in April and May 2012
This place is to me a portal for humanity. I came here with my partner to reconnect and deepen our yoga-asana practice and knowledge.
I am deeply grateful for what happened in these 6 weeks. I feel I grounded myself, coming back to reality. At all times I felt looked after and safe. As a couple it was a great experience, we shared the learning of a language/code together.
The food was incredibly amazing, the room beautiful and harmonic, the staff polite and friendly,  The place is easy to access, we took a train from Delhi and we had a taxi (arranged by the Satvik) waiting for us at the train station. But you can also get a taxi from the airport.
Words really don’t make up for it, but they give a hint. In few words> my heart opened with this experience.
I am happy to be contacted by anyone wanting to come to the Satvik,Sadan just ask Shukl’acharya and Samrita for my email.
Michael Schmidt mechanical engineer Germany May 2012
Satvik Sadan is a resort of rather surprising comfort.
The place has been built with a lot of love and detail to support the well being point of focus.
Rooms are equipped with everything you need and well designed to create a warm atmosphere. There is house keeping which allows you to really focus on what you came for without getting distracted.
Margarita Vergara
Kim Pihl August 2011  owner of The Farm  – New Hampshire
The experience I had at the Satvik was very good for me.   I felt cared for and safe there.  The staff was attentive and polite .  The food was good. There was always plenty to eat, sweets and special requests. My room was neat and clean with a balcony to sit outside and enjoy the sounds and sights of the Himalayas
Kim Pihl
Agnese & Yves Vander Velde European Commission Brussels 14h to 17th November 2010
We spent only three days in this gorgeous place.
The food was absolutely delicious, naturally prepared without much oil or spices,. We enjoyed every little bit of it. We learnt a lot about Ayurvedic lifestyle from Samrita & Shukl’acharya, the founders of Satvik Sadan. Both took very good care of us and we felt like at home.
I recommend this place, Satvik Sadan, to everyone who wants to find their inner peace and experience a beautiful part of India.
Agnese has been kind enough to allow use of her email id for those wishing to confirm this or in case they would like to ask them any questions. agnese.brence(@ )
Agnese & Yves Vander Velde

Nino Margvelashvili Bates, a journalist by profession, is widely travelled and from Calhoun, Georgia USA.
“India is a fascinating country, but a first time visitor can be discouraged and frustrated by the prevailing chaos on the roads and markets. But the view of the magnificient Taj Mahal and experience of living at The Satvik Resort, Bhimtal, Himalayas will let those first impressions fade away.
If Taj is a must see, so is the experience at Satvik Sadan for every visitor to India..
The Retreat is clean and has an unusual construction, thanks to one of the many talents of its founder , Shukl’acharya (Shri Pulak Ranjan Shukla.)
The staff is amazingly friendly and makes you feel right at home.
For my future trips to India, Taj and  The Satvik Resort would be the only two spots on my travelling list.”
Nino Margvelashvili
Ravi and Sushama Bhoothalingam , Laburnum Gurgaon.
Shri Ravi Bhoothalingam has been the President of The Oberoi Hotels chain and was earlier the head of VST Industries
May 1, 2006
“My wife and I stayed for one week plus, and I can truly say that the Satvik experience is truly unique. It is a combination of 3 separate experiences but interlinked experiences, and it is their harmony and inter flow that make the total experience special. These 3 elements are the food, the wellness/healthcare and the overall ambience. …..
We found the food excellent, tasty and nutritious, and the yoga regime, was refreshing and rejuvenating.
……We would most heartily recommend a week (or more) here. You won`t regret it, infact it would be a turning point for your well being”.
Ravi and Sushama Bhoothalingam
Ravi and Sushama Bhoothalingam
Ravi Kant and Chanda Shrivasatava Richmond Park Gurgaon
June 2008 Nature Retreat Package
Shri Ravi Kant is the former chairman CBDT, Govt. of India as also former member TRAI, while Smt. Chanda is an active member of the local Chinmaya mission.
“The Satvik Sadan, has lived upto its name. It creates a truly Satvik ambience – in its decor, food and service.
The view of mountains from the spacious balcony is breath taking.
The food is simple yet tasty, and is served with great courtsey and love.
Above all everyone – from the owners family to the manager and to the junior most staff treats you like a member of the family.
We would love to come again and would also recommend the Retreat to all those who seek a restful holiday.”
Ravi Kant and Chanda Shrivasatava
Vikram & Mallika Dutt Chief of an NGO engaged in setting up centers for rehabilitation of patients with Spinal Injury.
…. welcome change from the hustle bustle of city life. — simple and yet tasty vegetarian fare minus onion and garlic is very pleasing to the palate. the massage was relaxing … the flowers and greenery add to the ambiance. … balconies in front of the rooms was a special treat … to see panorama – rain, clouds drifting across mountain peaks and the sun at its glory. … thanks to all staff behind the scenes especially, for a lovely break.
The Satvik Resort is an interesting change for many of us city dwellers. We are accustomed to a hurly burly pace of life and getting away from it is important for our health – both physical and mental!
My wife and I were excited about our weekend – having married late (both of us in our early 50s) – and wanted to be with each other and explore areas of life often untouched due to city-life-speed and stress. Just sitting in the eco-friendly verandah with the clouds wafting by and fresh breezes to invigorate the mind, was great.
What added to the quaintness of the break was the wooden slippers we were given to wear – kahadaus I think they are called. We were discouraged from taking city shoes into the bedroom.
The food was a plus point. For non-vegetarians like us, the concept of pure “shudh’ food was intriguing. What an interesting change. The tastes were new and titillated the taste buds.
Food was followed by an ayurvedic massage (after a mandatory two hours though!) and a besan scrub bath. The experience was doubly enjoyable because of its novelty.
The Bhimtal lake is a short distance away and a row in a small canoe-like boat is truly romantic. All in all, a good place for a change.
Best Experience:
Different and tasty food.
Nice ayurvedic massage.
Lovely verandah with clouds wafting by.
An entirely new experience of footwear – khadaus!
Comfortable rooms with A class toilet facilities.
Vikram & Mallika Dutt
Akshaya Saxena from Adobe India
Period of stay- 29th Sept to 1st Oct 07 – Nature Retreat Package
Overall: A beautiful place, well mannered staff, helpful service and above all a great concept in tourism.
Best part is food here. Good homely food – the way we prefer.
Clean rooms and Dinning area
East Facing rooms are the most marvellous place we have stayed in. It was nice to see sunrise in front of us daily.
Love sitting in the dinning + the soothing music is a refreshing change.
Suggestions: A good place. Promote it more. People would love the concept you guys are promoting. Best of luck
His blog mentions of his experience
Akshaya Saxena
Shri Ashok Tankha has held top management posts in banking industry including HSBC
LiH 203A Laburnum Complex Sushant Lok Gurgaon 122002.
23-25 June 2007
Enjoyed the stay. The food though  pretty much oil free was very tasty.
The service was of very good quality and everybody was very courteous and helpful.
The oil massages were very invigorating.
Shri Ashok Tankha
Shri Jayant Acharya from JVSL, Mumbai and Shri Joydeep Acharya from Tata AIG, New Delhi
Very Nice & Quite Ambience. Is different from the regular routine experience in a hotel.
Excellent food and service Warm People Personalized Service An excellent overall experience.”
Joydeep Acharya
“It was indeed a very rejuvenating trip to your Retreat.The simplicity and blend with nature is striking and refreshing.We enjoyed our stay very much.”
Jayant Acharya
Shri Jayant Acharya & Shri Joydeep Acharya
Dr Avdhesh Bansal Senior Consultant Department of Respiratory, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine
Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi
Excellent place to stay with great views. You do not feel like going out of this place, when it rains, its like heaven.
You can sit in the verandah for hours just meditating or not doing anything.
Dr Avdhesh Bansal
Amit Nath – from 3M commecial operations North India
Pure BLISS….
During our stay in May 2010, when there was a scroching heat wave in Delhi….we experienced the cool and calm environment of Satvik Resort.
The place was cool but the hearts were warm enough to extend the best possible.
few days of complete rest… no work to do…….. but rest. Comfortable , soothing, enjoyable and peaceful, in the company of those whom we fail to give enough time, with on dot staff which is ready to go all over in order to make you comfortable.
Feel like an emperor.
Yoga sessions, massage sessions, Ubtan..meals in true Indian tradition, make one feel that ….Yes Indian Traditional values are meaningful and are very logical.
Thanks for giving us the chance to enjoy and live an experience which is hard to forget.
We will back… for sure and this would be soon…. to rest in BLISs at the satvik.
Amit Nath
Amit Nath
D.S.Raman Chief Manager (Marketing)Vardhaman Textiles HP October 2010

The place is really peaceful. Excellent view from the balcony. The morning view of the sunrise between the mountains is really mesmerizing. Bhimtal lake is just a ten minutes walk. Daily  ayurvedic massages give a new lease of life and energy. Over all a very good experience to unwind, destress and connectt with nature. There is nothing else that one has to do and that is the USP of Satvik Sadan.
The vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared in satvik style is worth appreciating. Less oil, less spices, yet very tasty …
The ambience of the dining hall with ts low seating tables ( chowkis) reminded one of how one ate at ancestoral homes. The rooms, tables, bedding, dining – all have a touch of ethinicity without compromising on modern comforts and hygeine.




Parul & Pankaj Bhayana B7/27, DLF Phase 1, DLF City Parul is admin manager at Mckenzie, Gurgaon India

We came across this place by luck, while planning weekend trip. It was fate which brought us here & we have enjoyed each moment of the stay. ………
The term `Athithi Deva Bhavo` — one understands the meaning after experiencing this place.
The objective of being with nature while away from the hum-drum of city is met very well in this Retreat. The cleanliness of the Retreat and rooms is good.
While departing from this place we feel like an extended family of The Satvik Sadan and will be visiting again.
Parul & Pankaj Bhayana
Hemal and Deepali Jahanara Fashion Studio Paldi, Ahemdabad 9/3/06
In one sentence: “God’s own Retreat” where … soul through nature reaches God. Ultimate experience to stay in this place.
Hemal and Deepali Jahanara
Petra Franz, & Mohna Jolly,
(Cologne, Germany )Petra works with Taschen publishing house in Germany Mohna Jolly practices architecture in England.
17th July to 19th July 2007
Very relaxing atmosphere. Very friendly staff and good service. Perfect arrangement.
The food was very good and the massages excellent.
Zwar liegt das Retreat direkt an der Strasse, aber die wunderschoene und entspannte Atmosphere dieses Ortes laesst einen diese dirket vergessen. Das Essen ist hervorragend und wunderschoen angerichtet, die Stimmung wunderbar und die Massagen sehr empfehlenswert
Petra Franz, Mohna Jolly, Benjamin MacNeille
Claudia and Thomas (Germany)
We had a very nice and wonderful stay here in Satvik.. The meals were the best we got during our 2 weeks trip through India. The massages were great! The nice service of the staff was amazing.
In German language remarks by Thomas, ` Das Essen was Das Beste anf des ganzen Reise. Und dos wasser hier das sauberste.`
Claudia and Thomas (Germany)
Tracy Mel & Carol Mathisen
Mel Tracy, dentist from Vancouver. Carol Mathisen, cpa –They were on a paid RCI holiday at a four star category hotel in, Bhimtal, which they sacrificed to shift to The Satvik
“We came upon this Retreat by chance only, as we were looking for somewhere to have lunch and the cabman let us off across the street.
After having a wonderful lunch, we immediately decided to leave our hotel and spend our remaining time in Bhimtal here – and it was our best decision !
The food and service was spectacular, the rooms were so pleasant and clean, and the views serene and peaceful and lovely.
Our only regret is that we didn’t have more time to spend at this Retreat, but we would love to return at some later date.
Thank you to the staff and the owners.”
Tracy Mel & Carol Mathisen
Andre Bougard of Spain is a principal of scuba diving colleges in various parts of the world.
“After the drive from Delhi, arriving here is like coming home.
The warm welcome, personal attention and loving feeling of its owners warms your heart right away.
This affection also reflects itself in the design of the rooms and gardens, which you will not see very often.
I see this place as a perfect place to seek tranquility, introspection and spiritual guidance.
I consider myself lucky to have been able to come here.
Thank you.”
Andre Buogaard
Andre Bougard of Spain
Shri V.Raghavan, finance management consultant from Hyderabad,
“We enjoyed our stay at this place, as we could get a serene, peaceful atmosphere to relax.
The staff was very cooperative too.
The hospitality was also good.
We look forward to our stay in future at your place.”
Brinda Raghavan
Raghavans: Hyderabad,
Inderjeet Singh, Samsung India Eke Ltd
Different but excellent hospitality and environment. Keep it up.
Mrs Inderjit Singh Great experience. We really enjoyed it.
Inderjeet Singh, Samsung India Eke Ltd
Dipayan Mukherjee, Manager, IBM
A very different place and pleasing experience. Excellent Hospitality. Would like to repeat experience whenever possible.
Dipayan Mukherjee, Manager, IBM
Rajiv Jain, Sr Project Manager, TCG Developments India Pvt Ltd.
Staying at Satvik was really a change i.e. everything was different. We felt pleasant.
I hope you would be glad to quote above views to your clients.
Rajiv Jain
V.K Maini
…. A very good place for peaceful stay…. we have been looked after very well
V.K Maini
Sanjeev Gupta, Director, Real Innerspring Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Sanjeev Gupta/Navneet Goel
…Quality of food is excellent. Service is excellent. View from Hotel too good…. A satisfactory stay
Sanjeev Gupta/Navneet Goel
Nihar. K. Das Triburg Consultants Pvt Ltd New Delhi
N.K.Das & Meena Joshi Das
Good interiors in the room, Lovely view from the Balconies, Ethnic ambience is a source of rejuvenation.
It was a great break from fast life of Delhi.
Nihar. K. Das Triburg Consultants Pvt Ltd New Delhi N.K.Das & Meena Joshi Das
Jyoti Thakur ,Triburg Sportswear, New Delhi.
Neeraj and Jyoti Thakur 2005′
Atmosphere is very peaceful … service is excellent…. staff is really friendly and helpful … food is good and different from our every day life … my daughter really enjoyed her vacation here …. beauty we could see from our window
Neeraj and Jyoti Thakur

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