Design - The Satvik Resort

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The Satvik Resort along with a unique concept has a unique construction too. It has been built on seven step terraces.

Each terrace is named after a corresponding chakra.of human body.

Come on Drive in....
Level one referred as the Muladhar is the entry point from where one goes to level two.

Level two referred as the Swadishthan houses the office and reception.

Level three referred as the Manipur, houses the kitchen and The Satvik Restaurant offering delicious authentic Indian vegetarian cuisine. The seating is on chowkis. Our restaurant is done in ethnic style and has been a great hit with both Indianand western clients. It has chatais over mud floor and chowki seating.
The restaurant offers both a la carte as well as a fixed  Mahabhoj Thali.

There are 12 well appointed rooms, four each in Anahatha, Vishuddha  and Aagnya

Each room, named after a particular asana of Surya Namaskaar, has a spacious balcony with a beautiful view.

The entry is from east and is glazed from 3'6" height upwards, for one to enjoy the view as well as light.

The back walls have a wide air and light protected opening between them and the mural finish retention walls behind, allowing for sufficient fresh air and light. All rooms have telephone with intercom connections.

Cozy seating within rooms

Spacious and comfortable bathrooms

Categories of rooms to select

Balcony spaces for you to enjoy inside outside.

Within the reception of the retreat is an ayurvedic kutir, offering ayurvdeic and reflexogical massages by trained personnel.

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